In short: its a winner! Had to watch the video a few times to get it right.

Its comfortable, light, and absorbent. My head didn’t get hot and I didn’t get one bead of sweat on my sunglasses. It gives excellent sun protection to the back of my neck without sticking in to my back like a backwards cap does. Huge plus is it also protects my ears from the sun and I often forget to sunscreen my ears and have already had an skin cancer on one ear. (Thats why it looks a bit bunched maybe because I pulled it around my ears. Got swooped by 4 magpies today so either it attracts birds !!! or it happens to be Spring in 2 days. This is another plus as I’ve had bleeding ears from magpies before and this will give some protection. Sunglasses sit better than with a cap. Also it will fit inside my TT helmet which a cap won’t. I thought it would flap at speed but it didn’t even at 70k. It’s also useful for cleaning sunnies.Richard Bonner

I need a mirror to get it right…but practice will fix this. (I need a mirror to get sunscreen right too!) It’s so comfortable I forgot I had it on and scared my wife. I left it on the kitchen bench and someone thought it was a wiping cloth and wiped the bench with it!

I’m yet to use it in extremely hot weather and rain.

It’s excellent. I’m impressed and will definitely keep using it.

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