What is Phairo™ ?

Phairo is an Australian Designed and  Made headwear to keep the sweat off your face while you ride. Since it was first designed in 2004, the Phairo has gone through some extensive and rigorous testing over more than a hundred thousand kilometres in all conditions in all seasons with over 30 test riders.

And what do the test riders say? Simply that “It Works!”

If worn properly, the Phairo continues to work while you keep cycling. The combination of the specially manufactured 100% Polyester fabric combined with its unique design, diverts the sweat away from your face, drawing it up to the top of your head where it quickly evaporates, or down to the back of the Phairo in a capillary action leaving it behind you.

When you wear a Phairo you will find most of your rides will finish with clean sunglasses and no stinging eyes from excessive sweat.

There are many other pluses for the Phairo. It will keep the chill from your head in Winter with the added benefit of being able to be deployed over your ears and lifted above your ears with a simple finger pull. You won’t need to stop riding unlike if you wore a skull cap or ear-warmers.

The Phairo won’t overheat you in Summer. As you ride, the capilliary action of the sweat through the fabric keeps the temperature regulated with the passing air cooling the Phairo through your helmet vents thus keeping you cooler, drier and more comfortable.

Since the Phairo acts as a layer below your helmet line with 3 layers, it provides some UV protection above your eyes, head and neck and ears, although it is not marketed as a UV protective device. The average UPF rating is 16 on a single layer as tested on the Blue Phairo fabric by ARPANSA with an error margin of +/- 2.2 .

Phairo comes in two lengths. The ‘Race Cut’ is shorter at the back for those who prefer a close fit against the back of the neck. For those who want the extra sun protection, the ‘Recreation Cut’ provides an extra 2.5cms at the back allowing the Phairo to cover right to the jersey. It’s hard to believe, but you won’t notice it flapping around! You’ll forget your even wearing it.

The Australian designed Phairo is so comfortable under your helmet that you may even forget to take it off long after you’ve packed up your bike, helmet and shoes until somebody asks you about it.

Your Phairo will last a long time. The knit fabric is very tough and doesn’t need any special treatment. Wash it with your other cycling gear in the washing machine (BUT NOT WITH VELCRO). It will stay looking good for years. I still use the very first one I made in 2004 (I just can’t bring myself to retire it). I used and washed it daily for 2 years, then twice weekly until 2015 and it still works perfectly!

There are many other times you might use your Phairo, from yard work to scuba diving (keeping long hair out of your eyes underwater, LADY DIVERS WILL UNDERSTAND) to working in the kitchen.  However, your Phairo will quickly become the one item that you can’t ride without (apart from your bike, shoes, helmet and gloves).

Phairo – Leave the sweat behind!Australian Designed and MadeAustralian Designed and Made


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