Tandem Cyclist says, “A must try out”

Dean C: Tandem Cyclist – Brisbane, Australia. Tandem Cyclist, Dean, says Phairo Headwear, “A Must try out” “Dean loves wearing Phairo Headwear as it keeps his head from getting sunburnt and keeps the sweat out of his eyes. These are a must to try out!” Related Link:  Sporting Wheelies

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The Ultimate Allrounder (all year round)

The Ultimate Allrounder I have been privileged to have been using the Phairo for a number of years now. In my experience, the Phairo is the ultimate allrounder. It keeps the sweat away from my eyes when it gets warm, without overheating my head but also provides good ear and head protection when the weather turns […]

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“I Love mine” by Glenn Saddler, World Duathlon Championships’ Competitor

Thank you for the opportunity to try and use the Phairo Headwear product.  I love mine as it has been something that I was thinking about for about 18 months.  The problem that caused me to consider looking for options was when training and racing both in cycle races and multi sport races I was […]

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“In short: it’s a winner!” By Dr Richard Bonner

In short: its a winner! Had to watch the video a few times to get it right. POSITIVES: Its comfortable, light, and absorbent. My head didn’t get hot and I didn’t get one bead of sweat on my sunglasses. It gives excellent sun protection to the back of my neck without sticking in to my […]

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More Testimonials from Customers

Testimonials – Wil R. Cyclist  from WA: “Used to really struggle with the sting of sweat in my eyes, especially when recovering from night shift. Wear my Phairo every time I ride, road or trail. Forgot once, that won’t happen again.”

Michael H. Cyclist from Brisbane: “I wore my Phairo for the first time on a steamy Brisbane summer morning bike ride and was very impressed. Finished the ride with clear sunnies and just about forgot I was wearing it. Also, as promised, there was no flapping, even with the recreational length. Excellent!”

Herman T. Boxer for Brisbane:  “I’m now able to put myself through rigorous boxing drills/routines without having to constantly wipe my eyes thanks to the Phairo!
This was very frustrating at times, whilst keeping the heart rate up. I’m glad I’ve found a product that actually works.

Nathan C. Cyclist from Brisbane: “Excellent product and just what I needed. I started road riding about a year ago and was always getting sweat dripping down my glasses, onto my cycle computer (inadvertently setting off the touch screen) and all over my frame. I happened to meet Dean at the Mt Cootha burn event this year and I thought I would give one a try. Let’s just say that I liked it so much that I have since bought another two! The awesome thing is that they also keep your head and ears warm on a cold winters morning. Just as a side note, I forgot to wear my Phairo a few weeks ago (in winter on a night ride) and soon enough the sweat was back dripping everywhere.   Bottom line is, it works and makes your ride so much more comfortable.”

John S. Cyclist from Queensland: “Well made, look good,but most importantly,they work. Managed to get to the top of Mt Mee, on a warm day, without sweat dribbling in my eyes. Well done.”

George M. Cyclist Brisbane: I already have two race styles and added a recreation style for non-cycling activities such as gardening and bushwalking. If you are a non-cycling person but otherwise pursue other strenuous activities, then a Phairo recreation style is an essential piece of kit for you! I just love this simple yet highly effective piece of head wear. Works a treat under a bush hat too!


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