BQ’s Bike Week: Ride to Work Day Breakfast – Fit for a Cyclist (and Lucky Flyer)

If you were in the Brisbane CBD early yesterday morning you would have seen a whole lot of cyclists heading for the Law Courts Plaza between George and Roma Sts. The annual Bike Week Ride to Word Day Breakfast was hosted by Bicycle Qld there from 7am. It was great to see so many people prepared to get on their bikes and head to the city on, what was otherwise, a regular workday. It highlights just how bike friendly our city is becoming. BQ put on the free breakfast as part of the Bike Week celebrations and as people were meeting with friends new and old, they were able to look through the displays for related services and products which were on display.

Phairo Headwear was there and it was great to see lots of riders wearing Phairos as they rode in for the breakfast. Now there are more riders wearing Phairos as we sold quite a few there. It’s great to see other people enjoying their Phairos as much as we do. George Mosel was there and snapped a few photos (thanks George) which you’ll see below. George is a Phairo Rider and loving his riding. Keep it up.R2W Day 2016a <img class="alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-1829" src="×150.jpg" alt="R2W Day 2016" width="150" height="150" srcset="×150.jpg 150w,×80.jpg 80w,×400.jpg 400w, click for×300.jpg 300w,×610.jpg 610w” sizes=”(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px” /> R2W Day 2016b

Congratulations to 4 New Phairo Riders

Congratulations to Helen M., Elizabeth H., Dominic L. and Kobus D. They picked up a complimentary Phairo each when they were the first to answer the Phairo questions announced by host of Briz Treadly and M.C. for the Brekky event, Andrew Demack. The questions and answers were: “What 3 styles does Phairo Headwear come in? A: Race, Recreation and Pony”, “In which Qld town are Phairos made? A: Dalveen” (look it up) , “What is the Phairo designed to do? A: Keep the sweat away from your eyes.”, and “”What is the price of a basic Phairo? A:$25”.  There are four new Phairo riders out there now Leaving the Sweat Behind.

Lucky Flyer

Customarily, we have a Lucky Flyer draw after events we have attended and here it is. Today’s lucky Flyer number is…………….887.       Please retain your flyer even if you didn’t win because your number is valid for all future draws. Basically it’s a perpetual ticket. You might even win more than one with the same number (you’d have to be pretty lucky to do that). If you have flyer number 887, please email us here and we’ll give you instructions how to claim your Phairo.

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