If you are after Custom Phairos for your small or large group, we can create a Phairo with any artwork that you provide.  We can produce Custom Phairos orders from as little as 5 units to as many as you require. They can be sized as you need in Large or Medium and Race or Recreation.  Images should be of a high quality in either  .png,  .eps, or jpg  file formats. There will be a one-off $50 establishment fee for a design

Phairo Pty Ltd takes no responsibility for copyright issues.  By providing an image for your Custom Phairo, you acknowledge that you have the right to use the image.  Phairo Pty Ltd does not claim ownership of your artwork or images.

All Custom Phairos will have Phairo trademark images printed on them at 3 points.  One at each left and right temple area on the band and one above the band in the center, artwork permitting.  After a consultative process, a final design will be sent for manufacturing and you should have your Team Phairos shortly after.

Begin creating your Custom Phairo today!

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