Q: Why can I still feel sweat on my face when I’m wearing my Phairo?
A: The Phairo won’t stop you from sweating. You have to sweat or you
would overheat. However, it is designed to divert the sweat which would
normally run from the top of your head and your forehead away from you
face. You face will still sweat, but you will notice that it is not
running into your eyes. Sometimes when you stop due to traffic
conditions or ending a ride, you may notice then as the air flow stops,
how much you are actually sweating as it stops diverting the excessive
sweat. As you start up again, the Phairo will start working again.

Q: Why is the top of the Phairo dry even when I have been really
pushing hard and sweating heavily?
A: As you ride, the airflow over the top of your head through the
vents in your helmet will be faster as it curves over your head. This
dries the high flow fabric as fast or faster than it wicks, making it
dry. You will notice that the more you ride the more salt deposits will
build up at the top and that enhances the wicking even more. It will
keep working while you ride.

Q: Does it work in the rain?
A: Of course, there will be a lot more water around and especially on
your head, but the Phairo will still continue to divert sweat and water
through the band and towards your ears keeping most of the water away
from your eyes.

Q: How do I know if I’m wearing it correctly?
A: When you put your Phairo on, it should be smooth against your
head. There will be excess fabric above and behind your ears, but helps
it to work. The Phairo can only affect the sweat that it touches. So, it
should ride low on your forehead below your helmet line just above your
eyebrows. The logo should be partly or even wholly visible at the front.


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