Gear Up Girl Tops 1000 Riders


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Gilbert the Volunteer


Across the green

Gear Up Girl hit Don Lucas Reserve Cronulla mid morning Sunday with a fantastic 1001 riders.  The girls chose 20, 40, or 60kms and made their way through the beautiful southern region of Sydney’s Eastern beaches to finish throughout the morning in the festive atmosphere only a kilometre from Shark Park. Spirits were high as they celebrated their achievements with family and friends at the reserve. The ride was organised by the wonderful staff at Bicycle NSW and assisted by a wealth of fabulous volunteers. The riders were young and young at heart. Well done Linda, at 86, she was the oldest rider burning up the trail. She is now the proud wearer of a Lilac Phairo which we presented to her after her ride.  Gilbert, the volunteer, also went home with a Phairo as the volunteers got the chance to snatch one – bouquet throw style. There were quite a few trade stalls showing and selling their cycling related wares. We had a good day talking with the people and introducing them to Phairo. As this was an event promoting women’s cycling, it seems fitting to announce the development and pending release of Phairo Pony. It will be hitting our shelves in the coming week or two. It will cost the same as the regular Phairo and essentially, looks the same with the addition of an opening at the back allowing for a high or low pony to be worn through the Phairo while still allowing the Phairo to do its work. It will come in a Recreation Cut giving sun protection coverage on the back of the neck. It will still do what it was originally designed to do and that is to Leave the Sweat Behind while you ride, work, or play. It’s also great in the water. The Phairo Pony will also be able to be produced in Custom Designs as well. So, if you have BUG and you’re looking for a personalised product to help improve your riding experience, Phairo can cater for you with your design. There is a once off $50 set up fee for a design, but after that the Phairos will only cost $28 each and your members can purchase their own directly from Phairo with a password. To get the wheels rolling, just send us an email to and we’ll set you up.


Lucky Flyer Number 153

Congratulations to the holder of the Lucky FLyer number 153. If that is you, send an email to and we’ll help you claim your Phairo. Hold onto your Flyers for the whole year because your number is good for all the draws that we will do after events for the rest of 2016. Stick it on your fridge and check the site periodically to see if you’ve won. Good Luck.

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