Thank you for the opportunity to try and use the Phairo Headwear product.  I love mine as it has been something that I was thinking about for about 18 months.  The problem that caused me to consider looking for options was when training and racing both in cycle races and multi sport races I was able to perform for about 20min before having problems with perspiration dripping into my eyes causing it to sting and then having remove sunglasses allow to air then replace glasses.  The glasses were also dirty by this stage making it difficult to see.

I have used the Phario now for a few weeks with the following results:My first ride I was a little unsure for the first few Kilometres as I don’t overly like anymore then I have to on my head as it heats up and becomes uncomfortable.  The Phario was a little lower then I liked and as the morning was a little fresh it felt like it was going to be the same as other things I tried but it got to a comfortable temperature and seemed to stay there.  I then tried it again that afternoon about  degrees and did not notice it even on my head.  I checked my glasses when I got home and they were clean.

I then went to Adelaide for World Duathlon championship (10km run 40km cycle 5 km run)  I wore it for the whole event and I had a enjoyable race as I did not have to remove my sunglasses at all.  (~2hr 10min and ~28 degrees)  The thing I noticed also was that when running after about 6km I could feel the sweet dripping down my back rather than into my eyes.Adelaidefinish

Next back in Brisbane I had a week-end where I raced criterium 45min, ran 6km, rode 30min TT and then the following day raced road race 1.5 hrs in temperatures between 24-33 degrees and over the 2 days did not clean my glasses once or have to remove them to air my eyes before a sprint.

I have done other training since and the 2 times I have not had it on 1 run and 1 bike as I thought it was not hot enough to bother I was wishing I had taken the couple of seconds to put it on as both time I have had stinging eyes.

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