Perfect Weather for the Heritage Bank Ipswich 100 2016

Dawn broke over Ipswich on Sunday with a perfect welcome to the riders for the Heritage Bank Ipswich 100 for 2016. After that, the weather just stayed perfect to allow the riders to do their chosen distance in the beautiful Autumn day that it was. Riders set off en mass, with the 170km riders heading off first at 6am to find the hills of Boonah Learn More Here. It seems that with very few mishaps, the day went swimmingly with riders being welcomed back by a cheering contingent of friends and volunteers to the Ipswich campus of the University of Southern Queensland. Back at the campus, there were some things on offer  to restock the engine room, coffee, sausages and massages! The massage service was flat out. First aid was quiet, while the coffee van and sausage sizzle were pumping out the food and beverages.

The Phairo stall was visited by a great many people and quite a few riders left with a New Phairo, ready to try them out. Thank you for dropping in and your patronage. We hope you have many happy experiences with your new Phairo.

The Lucky Flyer draw.

If you picked up one of the Phairo Flyers, you’ll notice the small number on the bottom left hand corner.  That is your number for this draw and each subsequent Lucky Flyer draw for 2016. You’ll need to check the site periodically for the Lucky numbers which happen the day following and event where the Phairo Stall is in attendance.

Withou further ado, the Lucky Flyer number for the Ipswich 100 is………191.

If you have that flyer you should email me to and I will give you further instructions.

The new Fluoro ones do stand out

The New Fluoro ones are easy to find.

Good luck and Happy Cycling!

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