Phairos Cool at SSS 2016

The Sizzling Summer Series will be as hot as ever this year. The temperature will be up and the racing will be Sizzling Hot. Phairo will be there to help you leave the sweat behind at Crestmead in Queensland Australia, where Logan Cycling Club will be hosting the series and, as always, it will be fantastic.

SSS Strava Map

1.2 KM Criterium Circuit

One of the best things about this Wayne Goss Drive Creastmead course is the  race viewing. Even though it is 1.2 km around, from most points you can see about half the track. When the racers are averaging upwards of 40 km/h and on some laps well over 50 km/h, you don’t have to wait long for them to come back into view. You can follow the race tactics and attacks as they happen. To Compliment that, there is some great running commentary every year with the Voice of Queensland Cycling, Luke Lucas. He will keep you informed on who is doing what as it unfolds during the races.

It is a series, which means that the riders are not only vying for individual race honors , they will be trying to win the series as well, with the best overall results. That encourages a lot of very aggressive and/ or tactical racing depending on their standings. If you haven’t watched any live racing before, this series would be a great introduction.

While you’re there, come and drop into the Phairo stall and have a look at one of the newest items in the cycling world. The Patented Phairo is designed and made in Queensland, Australia. It diverts excessive sweat away from your face so you can enjoy your ride without stinging eyes and sweaty glasses. It can also keep the sun off your head, ears and neck while you ride, hike, cook, garden, or just laze in and around the pool. There are so many uses for the Phairo that you’ll find yourself wearing it even when you’re not on your bike. Come and say hello and check out the Phairos. There are four new colours on the block as well: Black, Green, Orange and Pink.

Keep the Phairos cool this summer.

Happy Cycling!


Phairo Racing

The racing will be Sizzling

Jens with Phairo

Even Jensie Has a Phairo – Photo Courtesy of Eyes Wide Open Images

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